Return to the Living

‘New Beginning’ Photo by Jonelle Fraser – Water Wheel Augusta WA


It has taken me several months to return to writing. It has been a conscious decision to respect the journey the beast called grief has taken me on. I am forever changed. I was changed for knowing them and I will be forever changed through losing them.

Today I felt the desire to write again. To get my advocate on. The need to write and share has returned. She would be happy about that. Her way was different to mine but her passion was the same. To make the world understand, one story at a time. To advocate and educate for our children in the hope of a better tomorrow. There is no tomorrow for her children but there is for mine and for so many whom she loved so fiercely.

So I write with a new purpose and a new motivation. A new determination to give a voice to those who cannot speak. For those who are no longer with us and missed more than words can express, I dedicate my words to you.


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