United Voices

This morning, as I’m having my morning coffee, looking over the new Rapids Landing Primary School in Margaret river, I’m  feeling blessed. Yes blessed. There is no other word. ‘Lucky’ no. ‘Fortunate’ no. Both these words describe situations that there is an element of ‘unexpected’ about them, unlikely that they would or occur, a chance they wouldn’t occur.

‘Blessed’. Yes there is a religious element, a spiritual element to using the word. But how else do you describe the joining of thousands of united voices, standing up for the rights of their children. United voices, fighting for the School of the Air. It was the bringing together of more than a common goal. There was emotion, fear , a uniting of what makes us human.

‘Thankful’ may be a more comfortable word for some. Yes, I’m thankful too. But I’m blessed to live in Australia. In a democracy where we can voice our concerns. Hold our Government accountable without fear of retaliation or persecution. We can tweet, blog, march and fear may enter our mind for a fleeting moment but it is not fear of our leaders, in reality we are safe. Our kids are safe.

Yesterday, having my morning coffee I was contemplating sharing the new pictures of Rapids Landing Primary School and the excitement for our little community as the Principal posted on facebook that she has the keys to our beautiful new school. But I couldn’t. It didn’t feel right. It has been paid for by the Government. The same Government that was threatening to take away the schools of my friends children, people I care about.

So this morning, I’m feeling blessed. I have a voice. At times it is united with others. It is a voice I have the right to use as I am in this very moment when so many others in this world cannot. So today, use your voice. Tell your truth, tell the truth of those who don’t have the opportunity to. Be blessed and be thankful!

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